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How To...Draw Doug

Release your inner bitchin' artist with this great creative blog series. Simple How-tos with fun and easy (if slightly salty) instructions. This time we're drawing Doug.

I'm working towards creating a collection of twisted and dark characters for a comic strip, Doug is one of them. A cloned human, spliced with a sponge, (for easy re-growing.)

Doug is the travel companion of Dr Kid Skid, a famous Space Botanist. She travels the Milky Way to study strange life forms and to get off her tits on weird plant goo. Doug carries her shit.

Pencil Case Supplies

Pencil Black Pen



Stage 1

Doug starts life as an egg shape for his body and a strange potato for his head. Much like his actual creation, grown in an old margarine tube in Dr Skid's garage.

Stage 2

Now for some arms, wonky eyes, and very short legs. While he was growing, there was a tragic accident involving a bad acid trip, a butter knife and an ill-advised bet. He makes the best of it, by imagining all the room he'd have on commercial flights, while he's crammed in the hold with the other 'live stock'.

Stage 3

Now the details. He likes to wear ties, big and colourful to brighten Dr Skids' day, even though it's led more than once to his gruesome death he persists. He also wears his trousers high so doodle them britches nipple height. Add angry dots for the eyes, in my little nod, to the brilliant illustrators of Rick and Morty. Now take you black pen and go over the lines you'd like to keep, and rub out everything else.

There you go one Doug.

There you have it! We made art

You feel that warm squirmy feeling inside? Don't worry that's normal, it's satisfaction at creating something, or an alien parasite, but most probably satisfaction. I would love to see your Doug Doodles so head on over to Twitter and tag the shit out me. I'm also technically on Instagram but I get hashtag overwhelmed and need a lay down if I've been there too long.

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