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Things I Love About April

Updated: Jul 23, 2018

Nothing groundbreaking here, just a girl's love of doodling and lists smashed into a monthly, 'Trying To Be More F'ing Positive About Life' segment.

April I love you.

April you are the edge of all good things... Daylight savings has kicked in and suddenly the evenings stretch into a refreshing light that makes you want to get off your arse and do shit.

You're spotting rainbows, gathering fistfuls of daffodils and pushing in Easter eggs like you haven't just spent two months trying to shift the Christmas weight. Because sprig is here. (I know it technically starts in March... but it really doesn't.)

Here's are some the very lovely reasons to love April.

An ink doodle by the artist Eli Allison of all the reasons to love April. Including a crab, International Creative Day and bluebells.
Hey look, it's like the crab is trying to grab a Hot Cross Bun... but it never will.

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