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Like to give a little more than a smushed up dead tree to your friends and loved ones on their birthdays? Then I've got just the thing. 
A birthday card and badge bundle. 
Pick any card. 
Pick any badge. 
It's that easy.
INFO: Use the numbers to pick the badge you want and then pick the card by using it's title. (Party Animal, Space Dork, Book Nerd etc...)

Card and Badge Bundle: Neon Trip

  • Blank on the inside, twisted on the outside. the card is made from sustainably sourced 340gsm paper, which makes me thick in all the right ways. I'm on the smaller side, coming in at 105 x 148mm but don't let that fool you, I pack a punch. 
    The badge is a 58mm (2 1/4 inch) custom-printed metallic button badge. The sexist of all the badges.

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