Have a bookworm in your life that needs some love? Then look no further than this spanking gift idea. A personalised portrait, that's completely customisable, from having them read their favourite book to the colour of their slippers.
But hold the phone though because this isn't just any old digital file. 
Each portrait is hand-drawn by me in sexy black ink, scanned into the magical wizard called, 'adobe' coloured in and then printed onto lovely thick photo paper.  You'll receive the A4 printout mounted on recycled thick card and the original hand-drawn image, signed by little old me in the post. The digital file will also wing it's way to you because everyone needs an avatar that screams cool as fudge.  
Please read the 'Info' section on this page to find out how to proceed. Don't worry; it's easy. 

Personalised Portrait: Bookworm

  • Due to the nature of this product, I'm unable to offer a refund if you're unhappy. Perhaps try and find your doppelganger and trade, you could make it a quest for the ages.