The Secret Shed 

Let's say if Johnny Depp and The British Library had a baby and that baby grew up into a weird dark-eyed man/book creature with a rolling library ladder down the side of his face, and a jacket made of old ticket stubs and whispers.


If that creature had a secret lair and that lair had some sort of shoe box in it and every time you opened the shoe box; millions of letters would fly out and burrow into your brain.


The Secret Shed is like that!


Of course, another way to describe this page is to say that it's an index of all my short stories and extracts from my books, but that's not even 12% as fun, or 100% as disturbing.

27 Sep 2019

Here's more of that snaky strange flash fiction. Short sharp stabs of stories, (and that's perhaps enough 'S' words for the day) that will tickle you pink. If you like that sort of thing.

13 Sep 2019

Want fiction that's a maze in your mind, stories filled with whirls and twists and always laced with a spanking shot of dark humour.

11 Jul 2019

A short story from the world of my INC Trilogy. A future where people are separated into citizens with rights and VOID's who have nothing. My delightfully potty-mouthed protagonist, Onion is taking the wheel with this one and is out and about making friends.

12 Sep 2019

Want fiction that's like a shadow at your bedroom window; scary, spooky and shocking? Then look no further. Here is a bunch of my very very very short horror stories, one is only six words long.

An illustrated poem I created after being inspired by the novel, Circe by Madeline Miller. It's all about the Gods and fate and how small we are compared to such ideas. 

12 Sep 2019

Want fiction that's like a slap to the face; hard, fast and shocking? Then look no further. Here is a bunch of my very very very short stories of the Science Fiction flavour. 

A grown-up illustrated short story set in the world of the Kingston; the VOID river city where my debut novel Sour Fruit is set. 

A flash fiction sci-fi story about one man's simple dream. This short story has a dark twist, written after I'd just visited Bangkok for the first time. Enjoy the strange.

A totally fabulous sneak peek into the world of Kingston; the setting for my dark dystopian novel; Sour Fruit.

This is a tale about the birth of a new kind of city, the birth of Kingston.

Sour Fruit; Excerpt

16 Aug 2018

Limber up readers. Here is a short sharp grab you by the balls extract from my debut novel, Sour Fruit. A dark dystopian novel set in northern Britain.

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