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365 Days of Art, Week 1

Updated: Feb 19, 2021

So what's with 365 Days of art?

It's all about inspiration and a love of creating. I create five pieces of art a week, filling my sketchbook to the brim with inspiration, crafts, doodles and drawings. I'll show you how to make one for your self, cos a fucking peach like that. Challenged yourself with me, or just get some great art ideas for a one-off project.

I'm taking my tasks from the fabulous artist and art author Lorna Scobie.

Right-O art, got a good feeling about this art adventure...

Day 1

Task: Colour or create a pattern

Blobbed it.

Day 2

Task; Turn paint splodges into animals

Let dance art. I'm hitting today hard, and am going to show you how to make your very own strange and magical blob friends because let's face it humans are disappointing.

Pencil Case supplies

Paper (thicker the better, woof woof) Watercolours and paintbrush Black drawing pen, I like Uni pens Colouring pencils

Step 1 I tried not put my blobs into boxes, I wanted them to be free, to be whatever they wanted but I'm only human (and as we've established, they are the source of all downers) so the pink blob you see there? Flamingo. Sorry blob your dreams of being a tiger are over. After you've finished painting, let it dry.

Step 2 Create little creatures out of the blobs. This is either a nightmare come to life or super fun sparkle times -depending on how uptight you are. I'm about a three on the Shelden Scale so I mostly enjoyed this.

Step 3 Last but not least the aperitif to the bottle of wine, four Jägers and a bag of chips on a standard night in Leeds. Take your colouring pencils and draw extra details. Hearts here, Stripes there, dots everywhere and then there you go, Blobs a la carte. My favourite? The tripping single cell. I shall call him Iggy and he will be spaced out and he will be mine and we will chat shit.

Day 3

Task; Draw a skyline on a blue square

The task was to go outside and focus on a particular element of a building and create a skyline. But as anyone who knows me knows... I only leave the house to forage for cocktails and tapas. But looking online for some cityscapes I thought I'd draw it from a different angle. Have to say happily impressed with myself... might need a minute alone with it.

Day 4

Task; Fill a page with swatches of colour.

This was less art project and more of a calming mind massage. Cracking open the watercolours is always a pleasure.

Day 5

Task: Colour in the fruit.

I also spaffed a load of patterns on to the fruit because screw it more IS more. Very pleased with my brick pear, might explore the idea of creating images of fruit made with things you'd find on a building site.

Strawberries made of tiles,

Pineapples made of tarmac,

Apples made of builder's bums and so on and so on forever and ever until my husband leaves me and I die alone.

Overall thoughts...

Except for the frankly piss poor start I've been very pleased with myself and the tasks in the book. Looking forward to next week where I show you how to draw strange fish.

Click here to wallow in Week 2.

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