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How to...Paint Rainbow Birds

Updated: Mar 30, 2020

Release your inner artist.

Simple crafty How-tos with fun and easy instructions. This time Rainbow Birds.

Pencil Case Supplies

Watercolour paper

A black ink pen (see tip)

Rainbow hue watercolours

A paintbrush

Colouring pencils

A sense of whimsy

Stage 1

Make yourself a brew, get yourself a nice little space and lay your paper out on a flat surface. A glass of water for the paints, a wad of tissue paper (for mistakes) and pull out those gorgeous rainbow colours. Paint your blobs. A squished diamond shape works well but don't stress too much this is a simple illustration. Leave a little space between each blob; the birds need to move and groove. Let the paints dry.

Stage 2

Adding character. Get your pen and doodle some cute little bird features. Copy mine or crack that egg of imagination and create some dashing little fellows of your own.

Stage 3

Colour in any tails, wings, plumage, whatever you created with the pen. I kept the colours the same for each bird, red for the red, yellow for yellow etc so the rainbow effect was strong, but colour-in as you like. Add patterns to the bird's bodies, polka dots, stripes, Einstein's theory of relativity equation, whatever you want.

There you go, simple rainbow birds in three easy steps. Go Forth and doodle!

Top Tip
I prefer to use Uni fine line Pins, they are a reasonable price for a full black colour, and they're waterproof. Don't use a ball-pen (uni or otherwise) the paper will suck the ink from that bad boy and make your lines all blurry. A Biro will work in a pinch, but you won't get those sharp delicate lines. For this illustration, I used a 0.5 line.
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