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How to... Paint a Flower Pattern.

Updated: Mar 29, 2020

Release your inner artist. I'm going to show you how to create, paint and draw your way to being a smug craftista. Simple crafty How-tos with fun and easy instructions. This time, Painting a simple flower pattern in three easy steps. Plus some ideas of what to do with your delicious pattern.

Pencil Case Supplies

Watercolour paper A teal, ( a little dark green and little dark blue) and yellow watercolours.

A paintbrush

Stage 1

Pick a teal-blue watercolour paint and make simple stalk like shapes. Leave a nice amount of space between them, you don't want the leafs to overlap.

Stage 2

Add some cute little dots, or any other simple shape. Doesn't matter if they don't look like flowers, this is a loose representation... Go wild children and be free.

Stage 3

Add simple leaves. Make the leaves fit into the space rather than all the same size, it will create a lovely natural patterned effect. Try to keep everything not touching, this is public transport rules, this pattern works because of the white spaces not despite them. This is not a Pollock; strictly a non-contact art work here.

There you go... kick-arse flowers in 3 easy steps! Go forth minions and spread art into the crevices, spread it deep.

Here are some show-off ideas for your beautiful creation.

Gift tags


A thank you card

Make an envelope, with the pattern on the inside. (Use thinner paper though unless you want to make yourself cry.)

I would love to see your flower creations so head on over to Twitter or Facebook and tag the shit out me. I'm also technically on Instagram but all the shiny people there make me nervous, are they aliens? Or just poor souls who got stuck in car washes and had all the human scrubbed off? We'll never know.

If you do know send your answer to;

The truth is out there,

555 Charlatan Street,

You Tube.

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