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Learn To Draw... Frank

Crack open the pencil cases my dark art lovers this time we're drawing Frank.

Born in a car park Fairground, as his mother had a well-deserved fag, he was mistaken as a prize for the Hook 'a Duck and scooped up. He lived amongst the giant Pikachus and Minions surviving on plastic ducks and minesweeping dead tinnies at night until Jerako (the Hook 'a Ducks assistant manager) found him and raised him as his own.

Pencil Case Supplies

Pencil Black Pen (0.3 and 0.1 Uni pen)



Stage 1

Almost all art is a breaking down into smaller simpler parts what you what to create. Take Frank he's a egg on top of teapot. Nice and simple. Remember the pencil stage is for cocky brave artists, that's where the magic happens, and also no one will see the mistakes, because... erasers.

Stage 2

It's all about the details when you're creating characters. Frank is a free spirit he doesn't believe in the 9-5, in marriage or even toothbrushes. He lives as he pleases. Hence the slippers and cape combo. When drawing the slippers, make sure you create the effect of the slippers being three-dimensional, and curving around the back of the foot. Add a big orange slice mouth, two (not perfectly) round eyes, some half-circles for the ears, and a cowlick on the top.

Stage 3

Here's where we make it weird and you won't be surprised to learn is my favourite bit. Can you see how we use the shapes as guides? Take the mouth for example; to create his beautiful gummy smile we make the gums pronounced by taking them to the edge of the mouth and sticking the teeth in haphazardly. We add full cheeks on each corner to give the impression of a big smile. We add texture to his head and arms, by making them look fluffy, even taking a bite mark out of one ear, to give Frank a 'lived' look. Giving him small pupils makes him look a bit manic and wild, bigger pupils would make him look cuter. Once you created Frank in all his glory lets get pens out.

Stage 4

Get your uni 0.3 at the ready (which is the thicker one woof woof) and fill in the lines, go carefully there's no rubbing out ink.

Stage 5

Now get out your uni 0.1 for the finer details including in the eyes. The eyes are the trickiest because you don't want to be too heavy-handed but it needs to feel on purpose rather than an accident. Practice on another sheet of paper until you get the right feel to it. The more 'details' like wrinkles, blemishes and broken teeth the edgier your illustration will look. Rub out your pencil lines and then colour in the cape whatever colour you like, I went with a grey sharpie because I'm currently in my monochrome phase but you go nuts.

There you have it! We made art.

Frank in all his wonder toothy wonder. I would love to see your Frank Doodles so head on over to Twitter and tag the shit out me. I'm also technically on Instagram but I get hashtag overwhelmed and need a lay down if I've been there too long.

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