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Sour Fruit Book Tour

Updated: Aug 17, 2018

An ink illustration of three run-down tower blocks next to each other
An ink illustration of the three towers in Kingston, the fictional city from my novel.

To celebrate Publication day tomorrow. TOMORROW... ARGH! I thought I'd send Sour Fruit out into the world, on her.... (yes my book feels like a her) very first sparkly-tasic Book Tour... (please read on in excited tone) ...but wait there's more. (Resume normal tone.)

There is also an After Party Book Tour, where all the extra cool shizzle happens like reviews, character interviews, maps.

Book Nerds assemble!

Let's strip this down.

What is a Book Tour?

Glad you asked imaginary voice in my head. It's a book making its way around some fabulous blogs. You can follow the book on each section of its amazing tour around the internet.

Like A Groupie?

Sort of... but instead of having to suck some morally dubious bouncer off so you can get back-stage, then having to ingratiate yourself to the band by scraping the drummer's expulsion of faeces off the tour bus windows because he did a fuck ton coke; naked. Again. Finishing off the whole sordid mess with an STD, a heroin itch, and a treasure trove of memories you can't tell anyone because the manager got you to sign a nondisclosure.

To be a book tour groupie, you get to have a leisurely coffee, as you switch your computer on, find out where the next blog spot is... click on the link and sip your coffee while reading a lovely written review, or author interview. Then get on with your day... starting again the next morning... not a heroin addiction insight although I can't promise you'll be free of STD's if you are forced to hot-desk; keyboards are fucking Petri dishes of human ending superbugs.

So here's the dates and places for the Book Tour...

Here's the Links to all the fabulous blogs and their very fabulous blog posts about Sour Fruit.

So wait a minute what is an After Party Book Tour?

Imagine that The Book Tour is a burger... a really good burger, juicy beef for the meat lovers, crispy and spice for the veggies, cuddled in a soft bun.

Now imagine a burger with fried onions and cheese, a little dollop of pickle relish, maybe a fried egg and it comes on a gold plate, balanced on the back on a Unicorn with an epic intro song something guitar heavy by Queen and fireworks.

So. Many. Fireworks. It makes Sidney's Millennium efforts look like your neighbours Dave's Wilko bargain pack. That's what The After Party Book Tour is... just like a regular Book Tour but TURNED UP TO 11!

Here's the VIP pass into the After Party... aka Blog Links.

If you'd like to buy Sour Fruit in eBook or Paperback version, just head on over to Amazon or Waterstones.

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