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Space Art: Mars

Mars, named after the Roman God of War. In the stories, this super sexy spear carrying god rode on a chariot pulled by two horses named Phobos and Deimos (meaning fear and panic), which is also the name of Mars moons. Which is just bitchin'.

Today we've moved away from paints, into the strange world of collage.

Once you've got your collage on, draw your own Mars onto your second piece of card, or print out the one at the top of the page. Cut out and take that baby home.

Think magazines, wrapping paper, baking paper, old birthday cards, tin foil, newspapers, tissue paper, let your imagination dive deep into every crevice. If you can stick it to paper, it's good. Another cheeky tip is if your not confident mixing patterns, stick to one colour palette.

There you have it! We made art.

I would love to see your space creations so head on over to Twitter and tag the shit out me. I'm also technically on Instagram but I get hashtag overwhelmed and need a lay down if I've been there too long.

Next week that mysterious Granddaddy of the solar system Jupiter, if you can't wait. Here's where it all began, Mercury.

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