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The Great Gatsby Book Review

Updated: Apr 18, 2018

I ain’t gunna lie to you lovelies, I love books like psycho killers love sales on duct tape and Log Cabin Monthly. But such love cannot be contained, hence 'Book Crushes' was birthed from my obsessive spine cracking grubby mind. These are my favourite and best books. Books I’d choose over family members, books I huddle close and whisper to, books I dream of marrying.

You get the picture, this week is the ever evocative The Great Gatsby.



Date of Birth:

10th of April 1925 

Round up:

Nicholas Carraway becomes embroiled in the life of his new neighbour, millionaire Jay Gatsby, who hides his secrets behind the flurry of spectacular parties and a secret desire.

Why it’s great:

They don't call it an American classic for nothing*, a wonderful snap shot into the roaring twenties, but so much more than that. Beautiful simplified but anything but simple, it races though themes of unrequited love, the class system and the price of the American dream on the human soul. The book slips on like a silk nightie and before you know your dashing about country houses, crystal glasses of hard liqueur and wild parties.


* Although in Fitzgerald's life time the book wasn't considered his best work, it was only during WW2 when the Army issued over 150,000 copies of it to serving men that it gained readers and popularity.

Best place to read:

Tucked away on a sofa in The Beaufort bar in The Savoy,  cocktail in hand soaking up the alcohol that comes with a heavy side of black and gold art Deco.

Dinner Party Prat Fact:

Fitzgerald was the first cousin once removed of Mary Surratt, hanged in 1865 for 

conspiring to assassinate Abraham Lincoln, the 16th President of United states.  

Best quote:

"It had seemed as close as a star to the moon. Now it was again a green light on a dock. His count of enchanted objects had diminished by one."

In a word:



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