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The Hitchhicker’s Guide to the Galaxy, The Trilogy of Four.

Updated: Apr 18, 2018

I ain’t gunna lie to you lovelies, I love books. Like Charlie Sheen used to love cocaine and sex workers. But such love cannot be contained, hence 'Book Bio's' was birthed from my obsessive spine cracking grubby mind. These are my favourite and best books. Books I’ve diced death for, books I’ve gone without sleep for, books that I'd do hard time for.

This week is a beeping beep beepdy beeper, The Hitchhicker's guide to the Galaxy.

It all started with the end of the  earth, it happened on a Thursday  lunchtime if you wanted to know.


(How do you NOT want to read these books with a series title like that!)


Date of Birth: 

12 October 1979

Round up:

It all starts with the end of the  earth, it happens on a Thursday  lunchtime if you wanted to know. Arthur Dent the last human man alive, is in nothing much more than a dressing gown and has to hitch hike his way around, not only the galaxy, but prehistoric earth, the questions of life and everything, and the restaurant at the end (chronologically) of the universe.  


Why it’s great:

I'm fanning myself like a middle-aged Vera 'going the t'change'.

To condense the pure crazy genius of these books into a single paragraph is almost impossible.

How about... it fiddles your funny bone until you're a laughed-out meat-sack who suddenly understands all the best cultural references. Read this book and when someone asks, what is the meaning of life is you can shout, 'The number 42' and finally feel part of the Geek posse. Embrace your inner Geek.

Ooo and the trick to flying.

Why towels are so important.

How an Infinite Improbability Drive could work.

The saddest whale in the history of ever.

Ooo and restaurant mathematics, that's a doozie.

Best time to read:

On a very long flight, 10 hours forced to sit down is the perfect time. Added bonus you'll annoy everyone else around you by laughing loudly and insisting on keeping the reading light on during the night. Insist.   

Dinner Party Prat Fact:

After Douglas death, fans started a worldwide tradition called; Towel day. Where once a year on May the 25th they carry a towel around with them all day. If you want to know why, read the books. Or Google it I'm not the Book Police... although I would sign up to that gig in a heartbeat.

Best quote:

"In the beginning the Universe was created.This has made a lot of people very angry and has been widely regarded as a bad move."

In a word:

Fourty two. 


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