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Things I Love About February

Updated: Jul 14, 2018

Nothing groundbreaking here, just a girl's love of doodling and lists smashed into a monthly, 'trying to be more fucking positive about life' segment.

Step Up February You Creepy Love Enforcer

We all know that after the slog of having to listen to people tell you for the six-hundred fucking time why dry January really is THE BEST and how they've never felt healthier, we've rounded a corner. Hazar! Into the highs of 24 blissful hours of Pancakes and grim love slap of Valentine's day.

There's something on my 'Things I love about February' doodle I need to explain.

Groundhog Day, I'm gunna fess up. I ran out of things that I like about February. So I drew a groundhog... in a hat, but still, I know I'm sorry. If I were a better artist, I'd have drawn Bill Murray and let everyone deduce what they needed to, but I can only doodle much to my shame.

I did try to fill this month up; I'd even scrapped the barrel with Valentine's day (the 'creepy coercive cousin of Christmas').

Let me whisper a tale of Saint Valentine of Rome, a cheery fellow who was executed by the Roman empire for marrying people, or something along those lines and when you get down to it, isn't think that's the true meaning of Valentines Day. The glorious annihilate of your enemies.

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