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Things I Love About January

Updated: Jul 14, 2018

Nothing groundbreaking here, just a girl's love of doodling and lists smashed into a monthly, 'trying to be more fucking positive about life' segment.

So as most western societies start, it's January first.

January gets a bad wrap, but for me, it's the sweet spot of the whole year. It's the month of new plans, of making lists, of fantasy spending sprees. Nothing is beyond possibility.

January the 1st arrives and hung over in your PJ's pushing in cheesy chips you dream...

  • Learn a language.... I'm going to be conserving with French waiters like a mo-mo.

  • Get fit... I'm going to take my back fat and make it my bitch.

  • Learn to cook like a chef...I'm going to be frying steak like a coked-up Gorden Ramsey. (Which looks very similar to regular Gorden Ramsey.)

It never pans out that way, but that doesn't matter because for one day a year people of a certain age all over the world are dreamers. Joined together in a collective delusion, the likes of which only comes round every January the first, The World Cup, and The Salem Witch Trials and they needed shroomed up bread to get that hate crime/party going.

That's why I love January.

So if you like January, click here for that cheeky little scamp February.

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