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Things I Love About March

Updated: Jul 14, 2018

Nothing groundbreaking here, just a girl's love of doodling and lists smashed into a monthly, 'Trying To Be More Fucking Positive About Life' segment.

March you tricky deviant you....

March arrives, and you think you've rounded the corner. Maybe you'll pack away the hats and scarfs, shit you might even shave your legs, spring is coming baby, and you are so ready for some sweet, mild, damp Spring action. Winter has pissed off. But oh no... it keeps going and going and going, like... the washing basket that never empties, the expansion of the universe, U2.

But I perch on the edge of hope, that a March will come along that lives up to its promises. That sucker punches Winter in its cold hard pinched little balls and gives me a joyous Spring I can experience, (from my office window*).

*I don't leave the house unless it's May... and even then if it's too hot, I'll stay inside Mrs Bates style creeping everyone out. I'm a delight.

Want to see all the ways I love April?

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