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Words Into Art; Deep Down There

Updated: Jul 14, 2018

See how I take a novel and create a companion piece of art.

Basing my creations on the words, places or themes (sometimes all three smashed together) the book presents.

It's a strange hobby to be sure but no stranger than these...

Deep Down There by Oli Jacobs

This week is Deep Down There by the mischievous word ninja; Oli Jacobs.

So where as with my last Words Into Art project, Vicious Rumer was a real life novel that you can pop in your purse and read the night away with, this book is at a different stage of it's creation. It's a crowdfunded baby*, and it's looking for some love.

*Crowdfunded baby, means a novel that needs help from ridiculously fantastic folk through the power of pledges, (which you get some shit-hot snizzle back for).

This is what is meant by crowdfunded baby rather than some strange Frankenstein infant that's had it's body bits donated like bags of shoes.

Now we've cleared that up, here's what Deep Down There is all about.

In the gated community of Anton Court, the residents wake up one morning to find a hole in the communal garden.

Despite the protests of the residents HP Properties, try to convince them everything is under control. Even when a truckload of cement won’t fill the hole, and a steel panel is ripped off during the night. Once the children start creeping too close to the hole during the night, it is decided to evacuate the Court.

But not everyone wants to leave.

Worse still, Davis a local resident, wants to explore the hole.

It is soon discovered that the hole is more unusual and deeper than they could ever believe, not only that, but it's getting bigger. Then Davis reaches the bottom, and things get vastly worse on Anton Court.

Sound exciting right?

The Artwork

Because this was a commission, the process was different. I had to take instruction. Rather than my normal windmilling-in winging-it style for which I have become known in certain circles for.

Oli and I talked about what he might like, batting back and forth but then I had an idea of creating a map of Anton Court (the gated community featured in the book). Simplifying the layout into a semi-circle and keeping everything black and white but intricate. The style was easy to create because detailed-cross-hatching-ink-pen-bonanza is my bag.

He gave me little bio's of each character so I could personalise each house. So I thought we'd play a game.

Can you match the residents to the house?

The Cooper’s (Tim & Louise)

An established couple who live with their young daughter, Samantha. Both are middle-of-the-road individuals who are enjoying the 9-to-5 life during their young lives.

Vincent Crendon

On-site supervisor for HP Properties. A rugged individual who has fallen into the service life, and whose ambition is enough to get him out of bed in the morning.

Hannah Suggs

A single mother of her two sons, Michael & Chris. She moved to Anton Court with her late partner, Greg, and now is fiercely protective of her home and boys. She spends her time trying to get through life, refusing to show any weakness.

The Stanley’s (James & Heather)

Retired military officer James (known locally as The Colonel), and housewife Heather, are in their twilight years and looking to use that time quietly. However they are opposites, with Heather calm and sedate, and The Colonel agitated and tense.

The Barrett’s (William & Charles)

A couple with very creative pursuits, and sly enthusiasm. William is a retired scientist who enjoys his time reading and learning the curiosities of the world. Charles is the bombastic one in the relationship, which goes well with his occupation of art curator.

Rich Davis

A young millionaire who made his money through a mobile game he created. He lives with his girlfriend, Stacey Lloyd, and spends his time looking for adventure when not having to attend meetings.

I'll pop the answers on my Facebook page... for those lovable nerds among you.

That's it for this week, hope you enjoyed the art, and my strange rambling.

If you're an author who would like to work with me, head on over to either my Facebook page or The Twitter, I am on both far more than I'd like to admit.

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