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Onion is snatched. She wakes up chained to a river city, earmarked for a skin-trader called The Toymaker.

Surrounded by a creeping rot she has just three days to escape before the sold sticker becomes a brand.

Forced into a knife fight with a world that has just pulled an AK47 on her, all Onion has to fight with is; a sewer for a mouth, a rusted up moral compass and a spanking anger that can sucker-punch kindness at twenty paces.



The video 'up top is a stop-motion animation attempt by me.


The novel was a crowdfunded baby, and so needed a little video to wet the whistle of people who might like to pledge. It has now been fully funded, and every lovely pledger got a paperback, their name in the back and my deep and personal gratitude.
It's available now in lots of lovely places.


Links below.  



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