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365 Days of Art, Week 10

Updated: Mar 14, 2021

So what's with 365 Days of art?

Join me on my art adventure. I create five pieces of art a week, it's all about inspiration and a love of creating. One of which i show you how to do. This week, Stripes at Sea for Day 47 Have a go with me or just sit back and be inspired. Side Note: I love seeing your creations or just connecting with fellow art pilgrims, so head on over to Twitter and flash that tag, I'm also technically on Instagram and do post there but I've no idea what I'm doing, what are 'stories' even for?!?

I'm taking my tasks from the fabulous artist and art author Lorna Scobie.

Day 46

Task; Collage a still life.

So we've got a big one right out the gate. After my last attempt at collage, I was looking forward to this... collage is such a fun medium to work with, and I wasn't disappointed. I started in on the Niagara Falls sized pile of food magazines I have and got stuck it. I like the collage artist who uses the medium to be surreal, so that's the direction I went.

Say Hello to Sunflower Burst.

( Yeah I've started naming my art... what of it. )

Day 47

Task; Fill the page with coloured stripes.

We are going off road... not the plain old stripes for me... no not for god old Eli here, I'm turning it up to 11! Well, maybe 9...hmmm okay a strong 7. Definitely a six.

I didn't just want to paint stripes; I wanted something cute and fun and just a bit more interesting. Strips at Sea.

Pencil case

Thick paper

Blue and green acrylic paint

A Paintbrush

A white colouring pencil or gel pen

a small piece of cardboard and black pen.

Stage 1

Get your blue out and make some uneven lines and while everything is still a little damp get out your green, and do the same. No need to clean the brush just go for it. The blending of the colours is what makes this painting work so well. Let it dry.

Stage 2

Get your white pencil or gel pen and start to create some 'waves'. Uneven is easier and (I think) more interesting but go with what feels good to you.

Stage 3

Get your pattern on. Fill in the lines with solid white, more strips, dots, any pattern you can think of. I left some of the space plain, because have you guessed it... it's more interesting.

Stage 4

Draw a simple paper boat on your separate piece of card and cut then cut it out.

Pick a spot for the boat to float on and cut a slit for it to slide into. There you go... one lovely piece of art that's pretty simple.

Day 48

Task: Calligraphy Practice

Watercolours... check

Uni pen... check

Short snappy quote about writing... check

Day 49

Task: Add colourful flowers to the vines.

Deviation warning!

So I was supposed to add flowers to the overall vine scene, but you snap me open and like a seaside stick of rock right through the core of me are the words; 100% doodler. I like to doodle, and I'm a grown-up so I've doodled my own vines. So there.

Day 50

Task: Design a pattern using the grid.

What's more to say except I can use

pencil crayons... and can muddle a

pattern together.

That's it folks.

Join me next week when I up my game with bird vases, pants and get all flowery with my How to.

But if you can't wait, here is where it all began with Week 1.

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