365 Days of Art, Week 6

Updated: Apr 5, 2020

So what's with 365 Days of art?

It's all about inspiration and a love of creating. I create five pieces of art a week, filling my sketchbook to the brim with inspiration, crafts, doodles and drawings. Challenged yourself with me, or just get some great art ideas for a one-off project.

I'm taking my tasks from the fabulous artist and art author Lorna Scobie.

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Day 26

Task; Add your own scene to this river

I like to be surprised, and with this task I was. I diverted from my usual dark world of cross-hatching and stark images for something with a little more charm. I used watercolour paints for the trees and river but used coloured pencils to fill in details, like blades of grass and flowers. It worked a lot better than I thought; the colour pencils show up the detail beautifully.

Day 27

Task; Continue creating your patterns.

So the success of the watercolour and coloured pencil combo in the above artwork inspired me to give it another go—a simple enough undertaking. I drew the patterns in my bestest and most favourite ink pen, the Uni Pin, created a light watercolour 'coat' over the top, and then the final touch the coloured pencils. The effect? Pleasing.

Day 28

Task: Design some T-shirts.

A darling little task. I could so get on board with doodling fashion T-shirts. I'm genuinely thinking about bringing my 'Village Witch' design to life.

Day 29

Task; Explore colours that look good together.

So originally it was boxes to be filled in, which a perfectly lovely way to explore colour combos but I wanted to add a little more interest to the image. (Also since I am a bit of a show-off.) I liked the idea of jigsaw puzzles slotting together in the same way colours do. I created a little template and got to it.

Day 30

Task: Add details to these flowers.

Slight tangent, but stick with me. The task was to add detail but I wanted to explore the more lively technique of sketching with ink pens like I did with my favourite food task. So I adjusted the task a little, so I could instead draw some flowers. I also messed around with a bright pink watercolour centre, because I love contrast. Did I tell you I liked contrast? Because I do.

That's it folks

... Join me next week for stars, trees and still life.

But if you can't wait, here is where it all began with Week 1.

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