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A Year of Art, Week 34

Updated: Apr 21, 2022

So what's the mamma jammer deal with a year of art?

It's all about inspiration and a love of art. I create five pieces a week, one of which I'll show you how to do. It gets weird this week with eyeballs, nakedness, and fan art. This week's How To is super simple rainbow houses.

Here is last week's for those that missed it.

I'm taking my tasks from the fabulous artist and art author Lorna Scobie book.

Day 166

Task; Design your own Fairy Lights

Monday It's all about the eyes... hanging from electrical wires.

Day 167

Task: List Five Great Things That Happened to You Today

Tuesday Laurie is really busting my guts, with the whole, 'happiness' stick. I'm doodling this one, I'm doodling this one hard.

Day 168

Task: Draw for 30 Minutes


Back at the beginning of time, when I was a teenager, I was lucky enough to go on a class Art trip to draw a life study, a brave woman called Moira. Once I got over the embarrassing, 'everything hanging out' vibe, I massively enjoyed trying to find the right lines. There is something so beautiful and primal about the human form; it can be static or as in this sketch in flight. Trying to capture movement on a 2D surface with nothing more than a pencil, is a beautiful flow inducing challenge. I haven't quite got everything right on this one as I ran out of time, but it's reignited my love of nakedness. Off to go google naked bodies... can't see a problem with this all.

Day 169

Task: Design Houses


Get your rainbows at the ready!

Pencil Case Supplies

Thick Paper

Pencil and Eraser Rainbow watercolours Paint brush

Black Uni pen, 0.1

Colouring pencils.

Stage One

So pick the right paper, we don't need the super heavy watercolour paper, but we also want no nasty two-ply toilet paper. A thickness that will hold the watercolour paint without warping, ideally.

Measure a straight line, across your paper about a third of the way up.

In pencil, start drawing the houses. Start with the basic shape for the house and then add the roof and windows, and then the details, don't be afraid of mistakes that's what erasers are for. Once we've got five super cute houses, let's ink them in with a 0.1 thickness.

Stage Two

Pick five colours that go well together; you could try tonal colours; a beautiful row of greens and blues, or you could play around with contrast by having funky oranges with a pop of purple, or you could do as I am, and go full rainbow. If you're going your own way, paint on another piece of paper each colour of the house that way when you come to add details you have something to practise on. We want the colours to be light so when we add details later they stand out. Paint and then let it dry.

Stage Three

Get your colour pencils out for me... woof woof. If you want the detail to stand out, pick either much darker or lighter colours, than the paint. On the green house, I added dark vines, a darker roof and front door. On the Orange house, a light yellow for the strips on the door. Play around with it; there are millions of patterns, the only thing I would recommend is to keep the colours tonal for each house so it's cohesive and feels like a 'rainbow.' Also keep your colouring pencil sharp, it's hard to 'do' detail with a fat end.

Day 170

Task: Draw someone important to you

Friday Fictional charterers are important right? Me and my sister used to religiously watch the X-Men T.V series, every summer holiday. I had a right Geek-On for the powers, the story lines, the spandex, but my favorite character was Rouge. She was so powerful, she could take anyone else's power, but it also meant she couldn't touch another human being without killing them. Behold my fan art.

That's it folks

... Join me next Friday where I tackle fairy lights, houses, shoes and much more.

Head on over to Twitter and tag me any arty creations you've made, I love to see how other people engage with the tasks. I'm also on the old Instagram but I tend to get confused and make all the kids embarrassed if I wander around in there too much.

If you can't wait until next week for more art, here is where it all began; Week 1.

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