Meet the Character: Shard.

Updated: Mar 15, 2019

Meet the crew of my dystopian novel, Sour Fruit. Set in a rotting river city called Kingston, it is filled with scallies, bounty hunters, heroes and thieves. Everything has a price and no one is safe. Welcome to the first of many, Meeting The Sour Fruit Squad. We're starting off with a doozy! The Transit Van in human form, Shard.

She was so fun to write, who doesn't like delving into the darker minds? He's my favourite quote of hers.

Crying is a limp dick.

I also thought we'd have a look at some of her pin badges a little closer. I love the 'black heart club' one and the suck it lolly pop. This is where I got my inspiration for her pin badge love.

I'd like to leave you quote from Sour Fruit.

Folk dusted off all sorts of rumours about Shard. She could crush a man with her thighs, a whole one. She had a tattoo of John Wayne giving the bird above her muff. But the most terrifying? She could sense lies, like sonar.
-Sour Fruit

I hoped you'd like meeting one of the many strange and wonderful characters from from debut novel, Sour Fruit if you liked meeting Shard how about meeting Onion.

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