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Space Art: Venus

Updated: Apr 18, 2020

The planet named for the goddess of hubba-hubba, Venus baby. If women come for Venus then we must be hard as nails cos that 2nd rock from the sun is if Tough Mudder had a baby with Marathon des Sables* and it was raised by Ed Stafford on fucking PCP. A dead rock that is so hot it will melt the lead in your pencil, which solves the age-old of why men are from Mars...

But we're not here to talk about the age old battle of the sexes, but to make art our bitch. Here's your very own, Oil pastel space art tutorial. Do it!

*The Marathon which is 156 miles through the Sahara desert which is less of a test of physical endurance than a cry for help.

Who knew you could use tooth picks for something as swish as this? Rather than just making culinary hedgehogs out of cheese and pickled onions.

Next week that red mysterious planet Mars.

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