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A Year of Art, Week 25

Updated: Jul 25, 2021

So what's the mamma jammer deal with a year of art?

It's all about inspiration and a love of creating. I create five pieces of art a week, one of which I'll show you how to do. This week's 'How To...' is a watercolour forest.

I'm taking my tasks from the fabulous artist and art author Lorna Scobie.

Day 121

Task; Continue the colourful spiral pattern outwards.

Monday 6th of April One eye slapping colourful flower because when it comes to my art it's either hyped up rainbows monstrosities or 'Hello Darkness my old friend...'

Day 122

Task: Draw the favourite part of your home

Tuesday 7th of April

In times like this I like to turn to the classics, The Muppet Treasure Island!

Sing it with me guys... I got cabin fever it's burning in my brain I've got cabin fever it's driving me insane We got cabin fever, we're flipping our bandanas Been stuck at sea so long we have simply gone bananas We got cabin fever we've lost what sense we had We got cabin fever, we're all going mad

What I'm saying is, I'm not feeling home today so I played around with some hand-drawn typography that I finished in illustrator.

Day 123

Task: Explore different materials, experiment with collage

Wednesday 8th of April

I ripped some of the paper, cut others, used a hole puncher to create the dots and swore at the Pritt stick for being as painful to use as a sandpaper condom. 'Stick motherfudger! Stick! Who said art was relaxing? Anyhoo if you'd to create a sexy space collage here are the instructions.

Day 124

Task: Paint a forest.

Thursday 9th of April

Here we go campers lets get our art out for every beautiful colour of the rainbow.

Pencil Case Supplies

Watercolour Paper


A Brush

Colouring Pencils

Step 1

First things first, I have to apologise for the shadow on the image. I'd already stuck the paper down onto the table when the sun (very inconvenient if you ask me) bloody moved. I was short on time, and so I went with it. Hopefully, you can still see what I'm trying to do. Let's get to it. I've drawn light sketches of the trees, so you can follow what I'm doing, but if your more confident with the old paints, don't bother. I've gone all abstract with circles, squares and wiggles.

Step 2

I used yellow and greens because I love tonal colours with a dash of contrast from the purple. If you make the trees that are 'further' away smaller, that will give your forest depth, but also calm your tits; there's no need to get too precious about it. The fun is in the colours, shapes and patterns. After we've finished painting, let it dry.

Step 3

Finally, take your colouring pencils and create the tree trunks and detail on each plant. The better quality pencils you have, the better the results, I like to use, 'Prismacolor'* but Crayola are great too.

If we can't go for long walks in woods, then imagine your colourful funky trippy forest. *I don't get paid for links, I just really like these colouring pencils.

Day 125

Task: Create a design on this rug

Friday 10th of April

What a strange Easter Friday! I mean I'm still pushing in the most expensive chocolate per weight in the world, the ever uneconomical Easter egg, but without the pub lunch bit is it even Jeebus' Corpse Reanimation Day? Sweetie, I don't even know if it's 2020 anymore. Well here is my rug art, no, not my bedazzled lady garden but my 'tapestry design', which now I think about it, is the phrase I should have gone with.... but we're here now, and I can't be bothered to go back and edit. I went with dark hearts. Enjoy the weirdness. Happy Zombie Jeebus Day everyone.

That's it folks

... Join me for week 26 where I play with pink, go fruity for floral and delve into negative space. I've shown you mine, so let's see yours. *Wink wink* Head on over to Twitter and tag me in any arty creations you've made, I love to see how other people see the brief. I'm also technically on Instagram but the shiny people scare me...

If you can't wait until next week for more art, here is where it all began, *sigh* before social drinking became a crime against humanity. Week 1.

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