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Honeymoon in Paris

Updated: Sep 22, 2018

A cliche? But oh what a delicious cliche it is.

We crept back into the house, dumped our bags, filled the kettle, and wondered where the hell last six days have gone?

Paris took them. Cheeky bastard, but I can't stay mad at that chic-beautiful cultural minx of a city.

We'd just come back from our Honeymoon.

Went to see the ‘love locks’ bridge, aka the Pont des Arts, a place where thousands of couples write their names on the metal, then lock it onto the bridge and throw the keys in the Seine River. Of course, authorities regularly have to cut the blighty buggers off, because the weight of all that love causes structural damage to the bridge. Which if I'm feeling romantic could be a metaphor for the whole condition, but mostly makes me laugh at the poor French council worker cursing god dam tourist while wielding a metal-cutter to their love.

The trees don't escape the love in, all along the river Seine their trunks are carved with thousands of lovers names looking like living art; love is gut-punching you in every inch of the city. And if that wasn't enough, fancy a romantic sit on the beach, wiggling your toes in the sand, watching the water... because hello Paris has that as well.

Even their pests are tiny adorable birds which flutter and bounce around chairs in the cafés looking for crumbs. It's like a Disney film vomited right in your face and I should hate it, should be coming up in a rash, (I'm allergic to sentimentally) and yet... my honeymoon was the dog's bollocks with awesome sauce!

I hate to use the word quaint when talking about a city with over 12 million inhabitants, but Paris (the tourists part anyway) is a big old bowl of quaint, with a super side of enchanting. And I was shoving that goodness in by the armful.

The beautiful ornate Metro stations entrances.

Or how about a little Mozart on your parade around town?

The luscious parks you can picnic on fresh crusty bread and soft cheese like a fiend.

Art? We have art, wrap your chops around all the flipping art you could want.





Pop Art.

Paris is a sucker punch of romance right to the senses, and I've barely even mentioned food. Which if you hike a little further out from the beaten track of tourist town lives up to its reputation as the most classy grub you can shove in your mouth.

I would recommend a skip over to Paris for those old romantic souls but also the cynics, who probably need a little love magic more than anyone.

I know my miserable face loved every second.

Budget Paris

Can't make it to the Capital of Love? Then embrace Paris in your home and indulge in some Paris by proxy.

What To Read:

A delightful memoir of a life inside the walls of the bookshop Shakespeare and Co, one of the most famous bookshops in Paris. The stories of eccentrics, lost souls and the curious finding their way around the city and each other.

What To Watch: So many films to pick from, but Ratatouille wins for simple fun charm. A beautiful message laced through out, anyone who loves good food can learn to cook.

What To Eat:

A picnic of Brie, soft baguette and crisp red grapes.

If you liked my strange musings on Paris, see what that other fantastic European city Lisbon had to offer.

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