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Newsletter Issue 9

This month's Newsletter is on the lighter side because we've all got a summer to nail, after last year's shower of shit. But that doesn't mean we've not got some fabulous shizzle to get you're teeth into. I've got a re-booted Lemon's comic strip she's rocking a wicked new scar and bright green barnet. I've got a brand new set of postcards to get your chops around and a recipe card for those looking for a Vegan salad that's light on the calories. Plus some great reviews.

What I've Been...


I may like my fiction as dark as treacle and just as sticky, but when it comes to gaming, I want to spoon that whimsy right into my brain goo. The moustache handyman from Japan being a favourite, and this 'newish'* game ticks all my boxes. Fun with loads of playful touches. (Fancy being a cat who can crawl walls, scratch enemies and pad around just looking flipping cute?) It's got all the standard fair, coins, puzzle levels, along with minute to win it races, collecting stars to open up new levels. But there's an added level of Bowser's fury, which is just that little bit harder.

A great way to unwind.

*Mario 3D world was already available on the DS, so if you've already completed that, the price tag might not be worth it, but for me, who's play neither, it was worth every penny. Who needs the sun when I dress as a cat?


I may have been packing the junk into my trunk, so August is all about the salad. Download to start your own set. Here's my last one if you missed it.

Collect Them All

Deranged Doodles

Lemons has had a re-boot... behold her in all her new green glory. Need more, get it.

Shiny New Shizzle

Been busy in my arty workshop (*cough* home office) crafting away on some brand new postcards for my shop. Here’s my summer selection, but I've got lots more in my shop. Only £4 for 5. They are think in all the right places and full of puns. Get your set before I run out.

And that's it!

Watch out for next month when we'll have more recipes, more book reviews, a whole host of new Art projects and a great new competition to win a fabulous Art Box.

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