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Newsletter Issue 8

Updated: Aug 12, 2021

This month's newsletter maybe late (I was on a jolly to a place with literally no internet*), but I've jammed packed July's with all sorts of goodies. A brand new comic creation that's so cute, you'll want to rub it right into your eyes. A whole host of fabulous art tutorials, new Merch coming out of my wazoo, plus half-price shizzle to celebrate the wedding season being back on becasue... F you COVID.

F you.

*The flippin' space station has internet, but The North Yorkshire Moors is apparently stuck in Dec 31 1983, for none nerds the internet was invented, the next day.

What I've Been...


Five out of Five

The Buried Giant, a fantasy novel, (sort of), by the wonderous and infinitely hard to pin down writer, Kazuo Ishiguro. A fable set in Britain in the aftermath of the Roman empire. An elderly couple searches for their son and their lost memories. Casting a spell over you from the very first page, this novel feels like a fantasy novel (there are Knights of King Arthur, Ogres and giants) but wrapped in a political novel. The story explores the uneasy relationship between The Britons and the Anglo-Saxons. How the 'Germanic' interlopers gave us the very idea of an English nation itself, one of our greatest Kings Alfred the Great, poetry, and the beginnings of our language. But it also shows how we changed these Saxons in turn. What I took from the book is what we think of as 'Englishness' came from immigration and conquest, and it seems as a nation we have forgotten this.

A story that seeks to remind us of our past through the prism of a marriage nearing it's end. Highly recommend.


International travel is pretty much off the table for the risk-averse, so I've been eating my way around the world. This month I've been hitting the noodles hard, Japanese style. This recipe serve 2

Recipe card for For Veggie Noodle Bowl


Some lovely summer vibe art tutorials for my art ninjas this month.

Either way, lots to choose from. They're fun and super simple to do, and afterwards, it will be like Bob Ross and Tony Heart had a baby and that baby was you.

Deranged Doodles

Lemons Life Lessons

Lemons is a kitten born with no ears, one big-arse eye and a love of knives. Abandoned in the alleyway between the Unicorn STD clinic and the snooker hall, she's a fighter picking up and life lessons along the way. She's ready to share her truth and bag a f*#cking Book deal.

I post new comic strips every Tuesday and Thursday on my Instagram and Twitter so if you fancy yourself a bit of Lemons, follow the Hashtag #LLWL (which stands for Life Lessons with Lemons).

Shiny New Shizzle

Rude, crude and sprinkled with swears. I spent the last month creating a whole bunch of new greeting cards. If you like your greeting cards made out of all things nice, these are NOT for you.

Super Fantastic Deal

To celebrate weddings being back on, I'm showing the love by knocking 50% off* my wedding portraits, for one week only. From Monday the 12th of July to midnight on Sunday the 18th.

ONLY five available, so act fast.

*The only catch is I'd like permission to use photos of the happy couple on my website and an honest review. That's it.

And that's it!

Watch out for next month when we'll have more recipes, more book reviews, and brand new sets of postcards.

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