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Newsletter Issue 6

Updated: Aug 12, 2021

Behold a Newsletter filled with simple art projects, comic strips that wrestle good taste to the floor and a brand new and frankly fabulous new product for my shop. I also talk about my latest art project, it's a big one, woof woof. It's a piece of piss to sign up for my newsletter; just hit JOIN US button at the top. It's totally not a cult. Promise.

Latest Project

I can finally spill my guts all over the internet...

I'm working with the great and frankly fabulously Anne Cale on an illustrated collection of essays all about the films of Bill Forsyth. Eight Watercolour and ink images; one for each of his films. Not only will this brilliant project be available to pre-order soon, but you'll be able to buy sighed prints. If you know a film buff or love surreal British films, then this project is right up your street. Anne is a fantastic insightful writer who infects you with her passion for films.

What I've Been...


I know I'm late to the whole Succession party, but I always find it's better to be fashionably late and have a ton of content to binge. And what a binge. Never has the world of corporate well... anything been quite as fun as watching The Roys doubling crossing each other over canapes and sparkles. If you enjoyed The Sopranos or Billions, get this streamed right into your brain. Slick as hell writing, great acting, and a tragic all that glitters vibe running through everything.


Brace yourself for The Cute. I've created two mini art projects that anyone can have a go at. A world of bugs so cute they melt your brain and a spring time forest. Seriously these are so simple and fun, if you've ever thought I'd love to draw but... then take that but and shove it, because in three easy steps, you too could be getting your art on.

I truly believe art is for anyone that fancies a go.

Talent is just a lazy word for perseverance.

I wasn't drawing the Sistine Chapel on the inside of my mum's womb, I started where everyone else does with crayons and stick figures. So pop along and have a go, you might surprise yourself.

International Women's Day- 8th of March

I'm celebrating all things 'I am woman hear me roar' by celebrating one particular woman. Octavia E. Butler

She wrote one of my favourite books, Kindred, a novel that slaps you over the head with Social Determinism, slavery, women's rights, tragedy, and fucking time travel. But more than just a brilliant writer, she showed me how stories shouldn't be confined into a genre but be free to live and breathe and do what the hell they want. She helped me realise there is only the story; everything else is just marketing.

Plus, no-one writes a sex scene with genderless drug diffuser aliens like Octavia. Buy her books.

Deranged Doodles

I'm always drawing new and salty comic strips, check them out if you like it weird and sweary.

New Product

Always wanted to have those larger than life eyes, that flawless skin, cool as fudge clothes? Then Eli, (that's me by the way) has got you covered. I draw personised portraits and then sell them to pay for my lego habit.

And I have a brand new one. Do you have a writer in the family or like to wrangle words yourself? Then why not give them a truly unique gift. Themselves in gorgeous cartoon form.

Enjoy this hump day.... there's not much else to enjoy at the moment.

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