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Newsletter Issue 10

I'm throwing no punches with this Newsletter; got a brand new comic strip, some dark and sticky flash fiction and some fabulous new areas on my website to show you... Dive in; it's lovely and warm. First things first though...

Rocky and I are the same; now, you may point out my week-old celery levels of upper body strength or to the fact I have the hand-eye coordination of a drunk toddler, and you may have a point on the size, age, gender difference but me and Rocky are the same. We both over-react at the top of stairs*. We both wear sweaty joggers to work, and we both rock a come-back.

And this is an epic come-back.

While the world has collectively been tightening it's arsehole, bracing itself for the (insert apocalypse of choice) I've been craft montaging hard.

Imagine an up-beat tempo soundtrack, glue gun action scene, young (ok, middle-aged) woman overcoming the odds to make weird little things. This Montage has everything and at the closing scene, we get a close-up of her spanky Re-opened online shop. I'm not sure when I slipped into the third tense there, but I'm back now. And so is my fucking shop.

To celebrate, I'm currently getting pissed (I think we might have found the reason for the tense slips) but also...

For one week only 10% OFF everything.

(1st - 7th of April 2022)

Use the code: MAKEITRAIN

*I'll grant you, perhaps not the same overreaction; whereas Rocky is triumphant and gathers small children like a buff as fuck Piped Piper, I'm dry heaving and cursing the gods. You say tomato I say ,'burn all stairs'.

So What's Shiny and Chrome?

The shop is bursting to the rafters with (brand new) and frankly grim greeting cards, dark as treacle Birthday Badges, super fucking gorge Art Prints, but that's not all; I've added a whole new area called The Secret Shed. I like to BDSM myself bitches; To-do lists are my whips and Safewords are for people with pensions.

The Secret Shed you say?

Once a month I pick a theme and run with it! Creating a host of new products, original art and limited editions; sometimes, I'll even link up with a charity donating a percentage of my profits to good causes. Cos I'm the hero the world deserves right now; bow before me.

Keep checking in for brand new, most definitely weird one of a kind shizzle.

What I've Been...

Slobbing out to...

Britannia (The TV series not the final season of Great Britain because even I have my limits)

It's camp, funny and one hell of a trip; it's everything you'd want your twenties to be.

A light on history, hard on weird show that follows the invasion of Britain by the Romans and how the local tribes fair again the might of Rome. (Spoilers, it's not good.)

I know what your thinking, 'Not another fantasy/historical series! I've already been brutalised by The Vikings, Outlander, The Last Kingdom, Marco Polo, more Vikings and so on and so forth. I'm so sick of capes and horse shit I'm looking at Love Island and thinking, at 'least it's a bit different.

'Not another fantasy/historical series?!? I've already been brutalised by The Vikings, Outlander, The Last Kingdom, Marco Polo more Vikings and so on and so forth. I'm so sick of capes and horse shit I'm looking at Love Island and thinking, at 'least it's a bit different'.

But hold that thought because Britannia is bloody hilarious. The language is contemporary (no Shakespeare in the park here), subverting the more well-trodden fantasy plot points.

The cast is all in on the joke and tearing at the scenery around them while winking at the camera, especially from season two. Particular Shout-out to the utterly fabulous Nikolaj lie Kaas and his 'big pebble'. Not a euphemism, although now I think about it... Stop it.

I'm not overthinking this one, I'm just in it for the ride.

You can find Britannia on Amazon.


Pes and Peppy are back.

Everyone's favourite opposites* are back for a brand new comic strip. Warning: It's dark and deals with some issues viewers might find fucked up.

If you like these hit up my Comic Strip Page it'll full of twisted humour.

*well, mine at least.


Brace yourself for some flashing... The story kind that is, not the sex crime.

A set of three dark and twisted tiny tales.

And that's it!

Watch out for next month where I'll be playing with a brand new theme, (Bugs), more comics, more flash Fiction and it's National Biscuit day. Have a great Easter.

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