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Newsletter Issue 5

Updated: Mar 14, 2021

So much packed into this new look Newsletter. Looking for last minute Valentine presents? I've got you covered. I'm also got my bragging head on with a brand new art project, which pumps up the surreal, plus the only thing that has been keeping me sane making infographics, (lists with doodles basically) this month pancakes. Plus lots more.

Latest Project

I am on a boat on an endless sea of no news otherwise known as Covid lock-down except there on the horizon, what is it? Could it be... it is. A phone-box, bright red and all alone. I smile and row towards the future.

I can hint at the news of my biggest project yet. If you like British films and weird, surreal art, Anna Cale and I have teamed up to create something rather exciting. If I've piqued your interest, we'll be launching the project to the world with a cheeky little podcast in the coming weeks. That's right you'll get to hear my 'not for radio voice' as we chat all about it. Check out the fabulous website which dives deeper.

What I've Been...


The Autobiography of Malcolm X by Alex Haley, Malcolm X.

I'm part of a nerdy book club where we read non-fiction, Mr X was suggested and away we went. After reading this book, I realised that I knew almost nothing about the man—my knowledge woefully, embarrassingly short on one of the most influential figures in history.

You don't have to agree with everything he had to say to admire his passion. Fighting for black Americans when black men were still being lynched for looking at white girls wrong, his bravery is awe-inspiring. Highly recommend.


The Expanse. It's tagline, 'We've gone too far.' A T.V show worth waiting for the weekly drop. In its fifth season, it's everything you want from a sci-fi mega-series. Warring planets, but with buckets of realism, no lasers swords or space wizards here. The political interplay between, Earthers, Martians, and Belter, (humans that live and mine in the asteroid belt) is clever and tense with enough action to keep it all chugging along. The characters are that wonderful shade of grey, and you never know who to root for. For Nerds and none nerds alike.

National Pizza Day-9th

In a world ravaged by COVID and morons, we need the small things to hold on to and pizza is one of those things. Back before Cher; 6th century BC* Persian soldiers baked flatbreads with cheese and dates on top of their battle shields, and the pizza was born. Who knows if this is true, but it sounds cool.

* 2600 years ago for those who find the whole 'BC date system' wankerty wank

Galentine's Day-13th

If you've never watched Parks and Recreation (get out) it's an American TV show (seriously how have you not seen this) that follows the indestructible optimist known as Leslie Knope (go, go watch it now). She created a whole new holiday that celebrates female friendship over breakfast products because romantic love is so last century.

Unless you're in a show-off country (New Zealand I'm looking at you) ladies brunch is out, but that doesn't mean you can't show the love.

The post is your friend. I have a great article about all the fun things you can slap a stamp on and show the love at a safe distance.

Valentine's Day gifts that will blow their socks off...

A fabulous range of personised portraits: Each portrait is hand-drawn by me in sexy black ink, scanned into the magical wizard called, 'adobe' coloured in and then printed onto lovely thick photo paper you'll receive the printout (A4) in the post. The digital file will also wing it's way to you because I'm nice like that.

A lover who loves hops, get the Craft Beer enthusiast.

A husband who never has his nose out of a book, try out the Book Worm option.

A girlfriend that's a DJ in the making, then DJ superstar it is.

Pancake Love- 19th

Love pancakes but never sure how to top the little buggers? Well here's a sexy little list of all my top pancake (crepes for the international lovelies amongst you) enhancers. Make February the 16th your bitch.

Over and Out

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