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Newsletter Issue 7

Updated: Aug 12, 2021

Is it summer yet? Or another way of asking is can I crawl out of my pit of drawn curtains and stained cardigans? Because it's been a long arse, Winter/Spring/Year, and I'm starting to fester.

Let's blow the cobwebs away with 10% off my new unique new gift option! A customisable couple's portrait of the second most magical day of your lives, your wedding. (The first being seeing Ryan Gosling in Notebook.)

A round-up of all my off-beat arty adventures.

My cultural recommendations (spoiler, they're nerdy) I've got it all and loads more.

What I've Been...


As Britain finally gets its shizzle together and emerges from our third lock-down, we can now go back to some normality. Aka watching Netflix on the bus rather than just in our knickers sat at home.

I've been watching the luscious Shadow and Bone. The costumes, the world-building, the smouldering chemistry between General Kirigan and Alina Starkov....Phew. Ok you might have to watch THIS one at home.


So many Art tutorials to pick from. Can I tempt you with some cute snails? Personality heavy blobs? Ok what about a gorgeous sunflower? I've got it, aerodynamic channelled rainbow birds. Everytime.

Deranged Doodles

1st of May in the UK is a bank holiday, a magical time of year filled with sad Brits huddled under umbrellas in their gardens pushing sweating sausages around on a nearly dead BBQ. Ah, memories. But for the rest of the world (or perhaps just the nerdy parts) it's...

...Batman Day.

May you never lose your Joker.

Shiny New Shizzle

Never know what to get the other half in your life? Look no further, I've got the perfect gift for you. A customisable wedding portrait.

But hold the phone, though, because this isn't just any old digital file.

Each portrait is hand-drawn by me in sexy black ink, (woof woof) digitally coloured in and then printed onto lovely photo paper. You'll receive the A5 print (mounted onto recycled thick card) AND the original hand-drawn image, signed by me in the post. The digital file will also wing it's way to you because everyone needs an avatar that screams cool as fudge. Spoil them with this unique gift. And because I'm all about the funs, 10% off for this month only, so get in quick.

99 problems...

...but something to read will not be one of them. My debut novel, Sour Fruit, is currently at the sexy price of 99p (eBook version). If you like your sci-fi thrillers with exciting characters, a dark tone and lots of swears, hit it up. You won't regret it. You can also buy an analogue version (signed by me).

And that's it!

Watch out for next month when we've got a great competition coming up, brand new art prints in the works, and more fabulous art projects. Sign up here...

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